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Established in 2021, World Air Travel Services is a pioneering travel agency located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our vision is to redefine the travel experience by offering top-notch services to our clients. Over the years, we have steadily grown, dedicating ourselves to providing the best travel solutions possible. With our commitment to excellence, we aim to make every journey memorable for our clients. Trust us to handle your travel needs and have an unforgettable adventure with us.

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With over two years of exceptional service in the travel industry, we have mastered the art of memorable travel for our clients.

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Who We Are

World Air Travel Services stands out as a trusted name in the travel industry, celebrated for its high-quality solutions. With a strong emphasis on customer service and innovative offerings, we provide a wide range of services, including flight reservations, hotel bookings, visa assistance, and travel insurance. Additionally, our dedicated team ensures your journey is seamless and memorable, making us your ideal travel partner. Explore the world with us, where your journey is our top priority.

Our Mission

Our mission is to go beyond just meeting client expectations. We aim to offer comprehensive travel solutions, delivering an unmatched level of service. We aspire to become the top travel agency in Islamabad, recognized for our commitment to customer satisfaction and our comprehensive service offerings.

Our Vision

At WorldAir Travels, our vision is crystal clear: we aspire to be the premier travel agency in Islamabad. Renowned for our exceptional customer service, innovative travel solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to exceed expectations. As the first choice for our clients’ travel needs, we are dedicated to ongoing innovation, ensuring that our services and processes consistently uphold the highest standards of service delivery. Trust in WorldAir Travels, recognized as the Best Travel Agency in Islamabad, for all your travel requirements.

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Tahir Khurshid


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Ahmed Kamal


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Based on 15 reviews
Abdul Rana
Abdul Rana
Tahir Khan
Tahir Khan
Best travel services in Islamabad
Jawad Ayub
Jawad Ayub
World Air is an exceptional travel agency that exceeds expectations. Their seamless booking process, attentive customer service, and diverse destination options make them a go-to choice for hassle-free and unforgettable travel experiences.
attached with them from last 5 years and i am very happy by saying that they are best and very experienced travel agents in the market.
dripple blossom
dripple blossom
I bought pakistan domestic airticket from Islamabad se quetta from world air travel service. Best service.
honest Ak
honest Ak
WorldAir stands out as an exceptional booking platform. Offering seamless reservations for all major airlines, including AirSial, PIA, and Airblue. The convenience and variety make it my go-to choice. The user-friendly interface and efficient customer service enhance the overall experience. Highly recommend for hassle-free and comprehensive travel arrangements.
Rj Alee
Rj Alee
WorldAir provided exceptional assistance. Smooth booking process, quick responses, and reliable support. A trustworthy travel partner for hassle-free journeys.
Umar Hashaam
Umar Hashaam
WorldAir made my travel experience seamless. Easy booking, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. Highly recommend for stress-free travel planning.

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